Our Philosophy

We believe there is no end to what furniture can do for a space. Our profound curiosity and love for creative experimentation takes us to diverse corners of the world and keeps us searching for that something extra that every piece requires. We are compelled to do more than design and discover furniture. At Four Hands, we furnish style.

Our World View

Our unceasing global exploration keeps us connected to how the world is shaping our products and the way we decorate our dwellings. From early backpacking trips through Southeast Asia to our continued exploration of the world’s cities, villages and back alley markets, we are on an endless quest for inspiration. Our tenacious curiosity ensures that no design opportunity is missed as we merge the cultures, experiences and materials of our travels into the wide range of styles for which we are known.

Our Process

The best way to describe our design process is relentless. We tinker. We experiment. We take something we love and find ways to tweak it, rearrange it and make it new again. This is how we achieve refined and classic, yet innovative and cool. It’s how we mix inspiration with expertise, juxtapose materials and styles and ultimately, offer you finished pieces that can transform a space.

Our Promise

Whether consumer, designer or retailer, we value relationships above all else. That’s why we share information, offer honest insight and relish the opportunity to guide. It is the pursuit of this personal creative connection that motivates our artfully curated showrooms and our design-obsessed sales staff. Nothing we do is ours alone. Each of our pieces is a story, and at the end of that story, is someone like you.

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Four Hands Corporate Office
2090 Woodward Street Austin, TX 78744

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Executive Team

Matthew Briggs
President & CEO
Jerome Kearns
Executive Vice President & COO
Curt Welch
Chief Financial Officer
Matt Evans
Chief Sourcing Officer
Michael Bullock
Chief Marketing Officer
Cindy Hammes
Chief Merchandising Officer
Jim Anderson
Chief Technology Officer
Mary Bell
Vice President, Sales Operations
Candace Bridges
Vice President, People & Culture
Mark Cooper
Vice President, Technology
Kristy Greene
Vice President, Creative Services
Josh Jarboe
Vice President, Sales
Billy Malady
Vice President, Operations
Rick Lovegrove
Vice President, Product Services Group
Craig Starnes
Vice President, Logistics
Katie Taleb
Vice President, Customer Experience
Adam Dunn
Creative Director
Joe Garcia
President, Art Studio