Four Hands In-House Art Studio Offering Exclusive Works from 150+ Artists


APRIL 19, 2022 (Austin, Texas) — Four Hands, a global manufacturer and wholesaler of trendsetting lifestyle home furnishings, is merging art from renowned and emerging artists with technology, making exclusive artworks more accessible while providing a cohesive experience with the lifestyle brand.

With printers capable of producing texture, dimension and varied glosses, plus scanners to capture even the finest details, Four Hands’ state-of-the-art in-house Art Studio creates exclusive, handcrafted pieces across varied mediums, from vivid watercolors to modern photography. To date, the company has curated over 4,000 exclusive images from a rotating roster of over 150 artists.

Unlike any other home furnishings company in the country, Four Hands’ global reach, paired with its new technology, has given its team the ability to create gallery-quality art from artists around the world that closely mimics the original works’ textures. They are also able to reproduce works on a larger scale, bringing costs down to make art more commercial and more accessible.

"Our direct-to-artist relationship is key to our success,” says Brooke Elliott, Product Development Manager for Four Hands Art Studio. “We're inviting all artists because of our technology capabilities and wide variety of distribution. This combination attracts top talent. There are no boundaries in our capabilities which is exciting for artists and brands like Getty Images, with whom we have  a partnership of specially curated images, which allows us to reproduce many of their iconic works."

Each piece is hand framed in Austin, Texas, using materials including oak, maple, acrylic, canvas and more, chosen by Four Hands' Austin-based curators. Being the designer and manufacturer means there’s no inventory; each piece is produced on-demand with a one-week turnaround for shipping.

“We are able to oversee everything from start to finish,” says Adam Dunn, Vice President of Design. “It’s exciting to be able to meld what we are doing in the home furnishings categories and work with some of the world’s top and emerging artists to tailor the art so that it complements our various collections.”

Artist Highlights:

Coup D’ Esprit is a Bangkok-based art house that fuses traditional hand-crafted works like origami and stencil cutting with modern rendering technologies such as computer modeling, milling and cutting.

“The print resolution capabilities in the Four Hands Art Studio workshops allows us to print massive eye-popping detailed images,” says Jean-Pierre Brown of Coup D’Esprit. “Technologies like 3D-printed textures and laser-cut materials like wood and acrylic, have helped us think outside the box and create new artworks we would not have previously been able to make. It’s a great leap beyond flat wall art like standard printed canvas.”

Having worked with Four Hands since 2019, the partnership has given Coup D’Esprit a global reach the art house says they never could have achieved alone.

“Four Hands has a finger on the pulse of the latest trends,” says Brown. “They’ve always given us complete freedom of expression to express our vision, but they also share detailed global trends and market analysis to help us reach a wider audience.”

Nashville-based artist Jamie Beckwith creates contemporary pieces inspired by nature, travel and architecture. With a focus on the repetition of patterns and shapes, Beckwith favors acrylic paint and graphite for her layer-rich works.

“I am always blown away by the quality of the reproductions – the colors are spot on,” says Beckwith. “You can see all of the details on the painting and the buildup of acrylics and the depths of layers, which are important as my works focus on the removal of paint.”

Beckwith said she also appreciates Four Hands’ unique approach to framing each piece.

“I love how Four Hands has framed and shadowboxed many of my originals. The creativity for using loose canvas in shadowbox framing has me very excited to see my work in a different dimension,” says Beckwith.

A seasoned graphic designer with a penchant for modern minimalism, artist Dan Hobday has collaborated with Four Hands since 2020.

“Because they work directly with artists to print, frame, pack, and ship pieces to high-end retailers and designers, my art gets seen in all the best possible places,” says Hobday. “For any artist, this is a win-win situation.”

Hobday now mostly produces exclusive work for Four Hands working closely with Elliott.

“I love the way that the furniture and interiors side of their business incorporates and compliments my artwork both on display to the public at trade shows and in the great photography produced.”