Four Hands Art Studio Launches "The Art of Style," A Series of Art Collections Curated by Leading Interior Designers


AUSTIN, TEXAS (September 20, 2022) – Four Hands Art Studio, a full-service commercial art studio that specializes in the design, production, and framing of art for residential and commercial spaces, has announced the launch of “The Art of Style.” The new program engages leading interior designers to curate collections of artworks that represent their stylistic principles.

For the program’s inaugural iteration, Four Hands has teamed up with Sara Malek Barney of BANDD/DESIGN based in Austin, TX; Nicole Ficano of Workshop/APD based in New York, NY; and Susie Novak of Susie Novak Interiors based in Oakland, CA. Each of the designers has curated a selection of 20 or more artworks from among the nearly 800 works available through Four Hands Art Studio. All of the curated artwork is available to the trade through the Four Hands marketplace, and to consumer audiences through luxury home furnishings retailer, Scout & Nimble.

“With this program, we’re excited to celebrate Four Hands Art Studio and emphasize the transformative role of art within the interior environment,” said Brooke Elliott, Director of Art Development for Four Hands Art Studio. “This program allows us to appreciate different art styles, mediums, and artists through the discerning eyes of talented interior designers. We’re eager to share these unique points of view, and ultimately provide trusted recommendations on how to dial up the design quotient of a space through art.”

Here’s a look at the designers and some of the standouts within their curated collections. 

Sara Malek Barney, Founder and Principal Designer of BANDD/DESIGN

Sara Malek Barney

Celebrating personality through great design, Sara is the founder and principal designer of Austin-based BANDD/DESIGN. Her design aesthetic is described as approachable, livable, and classic with a quirky touch. She looks to art as an extension of one’s personality.

Sara’s selections for her curation include street art photography, high contrast landscapes, and funky textures.

“I’m someone who doesn’t take myself too seriously, and I want that idea to translate through my art recommendations,” said Barney. “Art that is silly, unexpected, and playful really resonates the most with me.”

Notably, several of Barney’s picks include photography from the late influential photographer Slim Aarons. The Slim Aarons collection of photos are new to Four Hands Art Studio, and are printed using ultra-modern ChromaLuxe technology for the first time ever—Four Hands Art Studio is one of the few printing facilities in the U.S using this technology for fine art prints. High in definition and gloss, the images are printed in vibrant, saturated color on fade- and scratch-resistant recycled aluminum. Each is float-mounted with hand-selected framing designed to complement the print. Handmade in Austin, Texas, each piece includes a certificate of authenticity commemorating the partnership between Slim Aarons, Getty Images Gallery, and Four Hands Art Studio.

“I would be out of my mind if I didn’t include some Slim Aarons pieces in my curation,” continued Barney. “I love everything about his work and even have a piece of his in my own home. The Saint-Tropez Boucherie photo is a bit of a departure from his usual work, and I love the quirk and sassiness of this piece.”

Some of the standouts in Barney’s assortment include: