Set the Mood
Good Vibrations

Summer in full swing means a unique mingling of diverging warm and cool energies. Bright bold corals blend with calm light blues, channeling the... More

Designer Details
Meet Jess Engle

Artist Jess Engle carries a piece of her upbringing wherever she goes. Largely raised in Africa, the artist’s worldly roots can be sensed in... More

Get the Look
Presentation is Key

The styling of our Spring Market showroom spoke to the fresh infusion of color evident in our latest designs. From upholstery’s jewel tones... More

Set the Mood
The Mythology of May

Suiting that the month of May be named in honor of earth goddess Maia, the ancient Greek and Roman symbol of spring, growth and fertility. For it... More

First Look
Creative Edge

A subtle curve, fresh finish, functional accent, or eye-catching cut… Whatever the element, clever details equip designs with the perfect... More

First Look
Color Theory

When dealing with color, sourcing from nature is a surefire means of achieving stylistic richness and vivid authenticity. This season, we’ve... More