November 12, 2018
Style Notes

Velvet on Trend: Top Brand Stylist Tips for Styling with Velvet

Retro glam meets modern sophistication in one material. From rich jewel tones to earthy neutrals, velvet-upholstered seating brings a touch of color while crafting a distinctively lush air. See how our Brand Stylist, Hilary, likes to work velvet into her beautifully styled spaces.

Jewel Tones…
Deep navy, opulent emerald or rich merlot, bold colors bring extra depth to naturally lush velvet.

Jewel Tone Velvets

For a lavish, moody look, mix jewel tones with dark woods or metallic accents.

Hilary Aiken
Olson Chair
Augustine Swivel Chair
Havens Chair
Earth Tones…

Neutral grey, sage and silver hues move between rooms and styles with utmost ease.

Earth Tone Velvet

In a casual setting, mix cool-toned velvet with warm caramel colors, for that perfect balance of masculine and feminine.

Hilary Aiken
Nate Dining Chair
Corbin Chair
Gary Club Chair
Hanover Tufted Swivel Chair


The Hanover Chair offers a rich pop of color, with diamond tufting and swivel finishing touch.

Jessica Green

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