June 30, 2021
Style Notes

12 Stylish Backgrounds to Download for Your Next Virtual Meeting

Elevate your virtual meetings and consultations with our latest virtual backgrounds. Download and use your favorite Four Hands images on remote conferencing platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Plus, see styling tips from our in-house designers for both outdoors and in.

Office Virtual Backgrounds

Creativity at Work: In the office or at home, look for pieces designed to keep the inspiration flowing. Think ample open shelving for displaying favorite treasures. Or desks and chairs designed with unique details, whether it’s an unexpected hint of leather or vintage-inspired cane.


Outdoor Virtual Backgrounds

A Study in Contrast: Soft textures and curves go a long way toward making an outdoor gathering space just as inviting as indoors. Add plants of varying heights for additional accents of warmth and color.


Living & Dining Virtual Backgrounds

In the Mix: Gone are the days of the matching table, chairs and sideboard. Add visual interest and contrast by mixing woods, choosing pieces with similar undertones (warm vs. cool). For the risk-averse, add a pop of color and sophistication to more monochromatic spaces with just a hint of black. 




How to Change Your Background on Zoom 

1. Select then download your favorite Four Hands background image. 

2. Open your Zoom desktop app (or download the program if you don’t already have it installed). 

3. Start your own meeting, then enable video. 

4. Once your meeting has started, select the "Menu" arrow next to your video icon. 

5. Select “Choose Virtual Background” – this will open the "Settings > Virtual Background" window. 

6. Select the plus (+) sign to add your chosen image.                                                           

7. Navigate to your selected image and upload it. Once uploaded it should default to your new background image. 

8. Close the Settings window. Your new Four Hands background image should be set! 


How to Change Your Background on Microsoft Teams 

1. Select then download your favorite Four Hands background image. 

2. Open your Teams desktop app. 

3. Before the meeting: While you’re setting up your video and audio, select Background Filters (on the bottom left just below your video). During the meeting: Click on the ••• in your meeting controls right above your video. Click on More actions, then scroll down and select Apply background effects.  

4. Select Add New and then find and select the Four Hands background image you’ve downloaded and want to use. If you’re setting up your background during a meeting, select Preview and then Apply. 


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