Set the Mood

In a New Light

Trained brains may always link September with school. With that memory of starting anew, of getting into new grooves. That strong sense of nostalgia – of days past, of retro cultures which preceded and shaped us – are sound influencers of our approach to the season’s style. Sifting through vintage book stores and record shops for inspiration, for connection. Challenging your mind, changing your perspective. Placing your own whimsically modern twists on timeless style. This, in fact, is newness. This is September.

September Mood Board
September Mood Furniture

1. Antonia Cane Dining Arm Chair  2. Traject By Jess Engle  3. Blair Desk Lamp  4. Somerset Bookshelf  5. Riverside Desk  6. Offset Black Stripe Cotton Rug  7. Boswell Chaise

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