Set the Mood

6 Tips for Creating a Beautiful Mother’s Day Floral Arrangement

Lucky for us, Four Hands’ Marketing Coordinator, Mallory, is as passionate for flowers as she is at planning company events, Market parties and team outings. A former employee at Austin’s Ben White Florist, Mallory is the creative mind behind many of our stunning showroom arrangements. Today, she gives us a glimpse into her artistic approach – with tips to build your own arrangement, just in time for Mother’s Day. 



“Think of floral arrangements as a puzzle.”

Before arranging, Mallory prepped, trimming all stems to a length that easily fit into her chosen vase. While building out her arrangement, she vowed not to force any flowers to fit where they didn’t belong. As she worked, Mallory continued adjusting each flower to ensure its angle was just right.


“Start with greenery, and go from there.”

Mallory relied on Israeli Ruscus to deliver shapely framework to her bouquet, its dense greenery setting the pace for her arrangement’s size and style.


“Time to build it out…”

After greenery was in place, Mallory incorporated her largest flowers, including hydrangea and cabbage, for color pops as well as height support for smaller, surrounding flowers.


 “Get colorful, but stay classy.”

Pick three to four shades to set your color palette. With Mother’s Day in mind, Mallory envisioned a subtly feminine look, adding an edgy touch via rich plums and purples for contrast and depth. White roses, clematis, Asiatic lilies, peonies, and carnations gave rise to a vibrantly lush look.


“Trust your instinct.”

Mallory often pops in her earbuds while working, zoning out and letting her gut guide her hands, creating arrangements through instinct rather than theory.


“Keep it fresh.”

Maintain your flowers’ fresh look by keeping them in warm water, changed every other day. Cut stems then immediately place them back in the water, as stems close within 30 seconds.