December 2, 2021
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Top 5 Interior Design Trends Driving Four Hands' Styles in 2022

Five trends driving our designs: high-tech fabrics that are luxurious yet forgiving, artisan-crafted designs, tactile art, warm earthy neutrals, and modern takes on traditional furniture.


A leading force in shaping furniture design trends since 1996, Four Hands thrives on unearthing new inspiration, reinventing textures, and evolving classics.

In 2022, five trends will be driving our designs: high-tech fabrics that are luxurious yet forgiving, artisan-crafted designs, tactile art, warm earthy neutrals, and modern takes on traditional furniture. Read more about these trends below and stay tuned as we launch our first round of new styles in the new year.



Livable Luxury

Consumers will gravitate toward styles that are both luxurious and effortless as we open our homes once again to family and friends. Think high-end fabrics designed with high-tech innovations for family-friendly upholstery that’s beautiful, conducive to entertaining, and easy to clean.

In 2022, look for high-performance leathers made with state-of-the-art safeguarding technology designed to protect against daily wear, practical yet sophisticated machine-washable slipcovers, and soft, durable linen known to be the strongest natural fiber in the world.


High-end fabrics designed with high-tech innovations for family-friendly upholstery.

2022 styles are all about intention, with a sense of relaxed sophistication.

Courtney Morgan
Associate Director of Visual Merchandising


Artisan-Driven Design

As sustainability becomes an even greater priority, expect a growing demand for pieces handmade by artisans who’ve been perfecting their technique for generations.

At Four Hands, we’ll be partnering with a family-run mill of fifth-generation linen craftsmen to bring naturally sustainable linen into our styles. In addition, you can expect to see hand-carved bowls and decor made from reclaimed, FSC-certified woods, plus handcrafted accessories ethically made by local artisans, preserving both tradition and cultural heritage.


Furniture pieces handmade by artisans and decor made from reclaimed, FSC-certified woods.




Tactile Art

Wall art and gallery walls will become a stronger reflection of personality and personal taste as consumers ramp up their self-expression in their homes.

Art in 2022 is all about texture, dimension and any element that can bring that one-of-a-kind look to a piece. On the Four Hands Art Studio front, expect framed textiles and textural art featuring folds, cutouts and hand-burning designed to make each piece feel truly unique.


Four Hands wall art and gallery walls with textiles and textural features.




Warm Front

Both healing and energizing, warm, saturated neutrals will add a grounding sense of calm to spaces while making us feel more connected with nature.

Our product design team sourced their 2022 color inspiration straight from the elements, including beachside shells and West Texas foliage. Colors like camel, copper, gold, rust, and sage will bring an unmatched feeling of warmth across everything from accessories to upholstery.


Colors like camel, copper, gold, rust, and sage will bring in energizing, warm feelings.



Modern Traditional

Heirloom- and antique-style pieces will grow more popular as we look to bring comfort and familiarity into our homes.

In the new year, we’re revitalizing traditional design elements with modern materials and thoughtful detailing. Simple and utilitarian, Shaker influence can also be sensed in our 2022 designs. For added warmth, we’re mixing in aged leathers for a lived-in look, naturally distressed woods, hand-knotted rugs inspired by time-honored techniques, and hand-thrown, naturally imperfect ceramics.

Brazilian Midcentury, too, undergoes a refresh, meeting low profiles with rich leathers, beautifully grained woods, and dramatic curves for added comfort. The result: Classic, traditional design elements weaved into the modern home in a fresh and exciting way.


Heirloom- and antique-style furniture revitalized with modern materials and details.

The search for familiarity will be pervasive in emergent furniture trends.

Jessica Green
Director of Upholstery


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