December 20, 2022
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Top 5 Interior Design Trends Inspiring our 2023 Styles

As the new year approaches, we're looking ahead to the top interior design trends guiding what's new. Each furniture trend tells an inspiring story of how we're living today. In 2023, five trends lead the way for crafting a thoughtfully designed space: layering with a mix of design eras, post-modern takes on comfort, durable family-friendly styles designed to look and feel as great as they perform, outdoor looks influenced by indoor favorites, and multifunctional furnishings. Explore the trends below and keep an eye out for our first launch of fresh styles in the new year.

Adam Dunn

We always aim to craft design-forward styles inspired by upcoming trends, translated in a way that prioritizes innovation and longevity.

Adam Dunn
VP of Design




Collected Layers

Embracing a Mix of Designs 

Timeless favorites and contemporary styles come together for a hand-selected, personalized look that spans design eras. Think pieces inspired by European or Chinese antiques mixed with post-modern accents. Or Brazilian midcentury-inspired styles paired with Scandinavian designs. Look for reimagined classics in tonal woods, upcycled leathers and more.


Collected Layers 1
Collected Layers 2

It’s about a thoughtful mix of design eras and different movements.

Adam Dunn
VP of Design




Warm Post-Modern

Sculptural Meets Approachable 

Post-modern structure gets an inviting update. Sculptural pieces are crafted with organic elements, encouraging family and guests to settle in. Warm hues, natural upholstery and rare earth materials — like stone, marble and petrified woods — bring visual contrast and drama to the room.


Warm Post-Modern 1
Warm Post-Modern 2



Practical Comfort

Furniture That Performs & Feels as Great as it Looks 

Comfort and performance continue to be at the top of everyone’s list. A leader in crafting furniture designed for everyday life, Four Hands recently launched Fiqa fabrics, the next generation of performance textiles, and natural, machine-washable slipcovered styles. Look for more upholstery developments to come in the new year.


Practical Comfort 2
Practical Comfort



Outdoor Innovations

Indoor Influences Move Outside​ 

Outdoor, meet indoor. Materials traditionally seen inside the home are updated to adapt to outside environments, such as style-forward upholstery that’s designed to withstand the elements and offer next-level comfort. Community spaces are the focus, facilitating gathering and crafting seamless transitions between areas of the home.


Outdoor Seating
Outdoor 2

People want connection. They want to gather. It’s all about caring for themselves, caring for others and valuing each other. We’re looking at how we can re-create the home for that.

Adam Dunn
VP of Design




Flexible Functionality

Prioritizing Versatile Furnishings

Multipurpose spaces call for multipurpose furniture, wrapping up our list of top interior design trends. Look for folding and stackable pieces, flexible seating and more versatile styles — for instance, a dining table that doubles as a ping pong table — to accommodate how we live in our homes today.


Flexible Functionality 1
Flexible Functionality 2

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