September 17, 2019
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Four Hands Exclusive Leathers: Specialized Colors & Materials

Each year, the Four Hands product development team thoughtfully maps style color and mood for the coming year, routing direction of new designs. Much of this process entails developing custom colors and materials – mainly leathers – exclusively available to Four Hands customers. Bolstering our reputation as a fashion-forward industry leader while strengthening synergy across our wide range of products, these efforts make for unique, tactile-driven pieces that cannot be found, purchased or replicated elsewhere.

Product Development team

To ensure these creations are crafted to perfection, our upholstery developers work directly with top leather tanneries to formulate specialized colors that align with the current design direction. In some cases, the team references Pantone colors to sharpen their vision. A greyish brown with the subtlest of silver undertones, our Deacon Slate finish is a perfect example of coordinating new colors to suit our current style stories.

Product Development exclusive leathers

Once materials are confirmed, an agreement is made with the tannery, providing Four Hands exclusive ownership of what’s been produced, so that we are first to market with these distinctive offerings.

Four Hands Director of Upholstery, Jessica Green, walked us through our exclusive hues and materials, speaking to design and production process.


Nubuck Leathers

Created using a special brushing technique on its top surface this soft, top-grain leather contains no added waxes or oils, allowing for the development of a naturally rich patina over time. Similar to velvet, nubuck leather’s minimal processing yields clear visibility of its natural highs and lows.

Malcolm Chair in Nubuck Sand
Malcolm Chair 
in Nubuck Sand

Unique in material and color, this neutral, naturally beautiful leather borrows inspiration from warm desert sands and beaches.

Atlas Chair in Nubuck Sand
Atlas Chair 
in Nubuck Sand

Covering the Atlas chair in Nubuck Sand added a tactile element to this conversation-starting piece. Its brushed surface makes for some velvety soft leather.

Jessica Green
Director of Upholstery
Orion Chair
in Nubuck Charcoal

A deep, saturated grey with a matte glow inspired by raw metals.

Orion Chair in Nubuck Charcoal


Deacon Leathers

With a specialized finishing technique that creates a blended look, this top-grain leather’s shades bear a subtle sheen that gently reflects light, also developing a beautiful patina that darkens over time.

Judd Chair in Deacon Slate
Judd Chair
in Deacon Slate

Earthy undertones bring a slight sheen to this exclusive color's cloud-like hues.


Sonoma Leathers

Available in sleek black, rich cocoa and warm butterscotch, all Sonoma top-grain shades are exclusive to Four Hands, with soft, consistent tones and a subtle sheen courtesy of specially applied oil and wax. Light distressing creates a beautifully lived-in look with plenty of natural character.

Taryn Chair
in Sonoma Black

Relaxed modernism at its finest, in the most classic of colors.

Taryn Chair in Sonoma Black
Lexi Sofa

I love the vintage vibe of the Lexi. And since its color is softened by intentional distressing, it makes for a forgiving black that doesn’t read too harsh or overpowering.

Jessica Green
Director of Upholstery
Grady Recliner in Sonoma Cocoa
Grady Recliner
in Sonoma Cocoa

A chocolaty brown rich with warmth, and perfectly suited for taught tailoring.

Diana Chair
in Sonoma Butterscotch

An inviting and effortlessly chic neutral that moves between styles with ease.

Diana Chair in Sonoma Butterscotch

We worked hard to perfect this warm butterscotch tone, and we felt it important for the color to resonate in a nostalgic way, hence our pairing it with a mid-century silhouette.

Jessica Green
Director of Upholstery


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