October 12, 2021
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Go behind the inspiration and trends driving our new furniture designs for Fall 2021

When our designers first set out to create our latest launch, a collection of over 400 new styles, they decided to take a different approach. And that included gathering inspiration from unexpected places.  

“The most surprising place we gathered inspiration was our own backyard – for instance, hitting up antique fairs just a few miles outside of Austin,” says Creative Director Adam Dunn. “When times are tough and there’s an ongoing global pandemic, you have to rethink what you’re able to achieve.” 

This new approach led us to uncover – and rediscover – some of our favorite styles of this launch. 

“This season is all about ‘the refresh’ and reimagining some of our existing designs,” says Dunn. “There’s a sense of newness, plus beautiful new textiles and materials that we’ve brought to shapes and styles our customers already know and love.”

The Lisette Sofa, Astrid Floor Lamp, and Rivers Sling Chair showcase the inspiration behind new fall furniture styles from Four Hands.


New Upholstery with Heavy Texture and Mix-and-Match Versatility  

To meet customers’ requests for more traditional comfort and warmth, our team brought in a mix of heavy textures (think shearling, boucle and corduroy), and pieces that would make it easy for customers to blend design eras – for instance, mixing traditional with modern or more iconic pieces. 

  “It’s all about having the freedom to find a piece you love and blend it into something you already have,” notes Dunn. “You can blend styles together and keep things cohesive with a more subtle or neutral color palette.” 


The Langham Sectional and Krista Dining Bench bring comfort and warmth with heavy textured upholstery.


Introducing Hand-Knotted Rugs from Four Hands 

Another take on mixing traditional with modern? The Arwen collection, our first-ever hand-knotted rugs collection. Woven from New Zealand wool and 100% handmade from start to finish, our hand-knotted rugs are originally inspired by ancient rug designs and techniques, but updated with modern patterns and a pared back color palette.    

“When we’re looking to reproduce a rug, we never want to fully replicate it,” says Jacqueline O’Neill, Product Developer. “We like to play with the patterns and motifs, adding in more modern design elements. And for that worn, lived-in look and feel, we really toned down the palettes to make these rugs easy, everyday layers our customers can use to bring their whole look together.” 


The Samsa Rug from the Arwen collection, Four Hands first-ever hand-knotted rug collection.

Pictured: Samsa Hand-Knotted Rug, Bailey Sofa, Mixed Media by Dan Hobday, Bhatti Pillow, Striped Ikat Pillow


A Renewed Collaboration With One Of Our Favorite Designers, Thomas Bina 

A part of our family for at least 15 years, Thomas Bina is back with a new collection designed just for Four Hands. With help and inspiration from Brazilian designer Ronald Sasson, the two created Thomas Bina for Four Hands, a collection that effortlessly weaves Brazilian design elements – including inflated silhouettes, low profiles, and strong lines – with unexpected material combinations like concrete and wood. 

“Different from prior collaborations, we’ve taken a more modern sculptural take with a heavier focus on upholstery,” says Bina, “making this one of the best collaborations I’ve ever done.” 

Several more designs from Bina are slated to arrive this winter through 2023. Learn more about this collaboration and the inspiration behind this collection in Introducing Thomas Bina for Four Hands.


Renewed designer Thomas Bina returns to Four Hands Furniture for Fall 2021.


New Artwork from the Four Hands Art Studio 

In the Four Hands Art Studio, our team was busy creating new artwork, including three-dimensional pieces featuring unique cutouts and folds. Meanwhile, artists both new and well-known to Four Hands – including Dan Hobday, Frank Wolsky and Aileen Fitzgerald – reached outside their norm to expand their breadth of work with new hand-drawn pencil drawings, high-definition metal prints, moody landscapes and more. 


Art by Frank Wolsky and Aileen Fitzgerald and artists expand the breadth of work from Four Hands Art Studio.


“This past year and a half really made us all think in different ways, even when it came to designing product,” says Dunn. “You’re forced to think and feel more creatively, out of necessity. But no matter what, it’s about being fearless with design and going after what you love.” 



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