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Designer Kris Swift on the Vacation Vibes of Austin Restaurant Grizzelda’s

Intrigue mounts before customers even step inside Grizzelda’s. A punch-pink, midcentury-modern exterior cloaks the Austin, Texas restaurant, a hint of the innovate styling inside. Ahead of its December debut, owner Adam Jacoby tapped Creative Director Kris Swift – a veteran of HGTV Design Star’s seventh season – to strategize its interior. Unlike the ranch-inspired look of its popular sister restaurant, Jacoby’s, Swift envisioned a coastal concept for his husband’s newest hotspot. Merging Texas heritage with Mexican tradition, the designer channeled inspiration from his many trips to Latin America.

“The vibrancy of Mexico City’s saturated colored walls and the bright, airy beach vibe of Tulum,” Swift says, particularly drove his vision. To give Grizzelda’s vacation vibe a contemporary spin, the designer employed several Four Hands styles. “Rather than sticking to one specific Collection,” he says, “We mixed and matched modern, highly-angular chairs with more feminine pieces, and items rich with texture.” Pink and green accents add pops of beachy brightness to the dining room, while a rosary-swathed statue of St. Francis intrigues with authenticity as Grizzelda’s focal centerpiece. This blending of styles reflects Swift’s design aesthetic: “The more you risk, the more reward you’ll see in the finished product.” 
At Grizzelda’s, Swift’s risk-taking paid off; the space whisks its visitors to a laid-back locale, one in which diners’ worries seem to melt away, as if they’re on vacation—which was precisely Swift’s intention. “We want people to feel transported when they step in the door,” he says. And what pairs better with vacation than tropical libations? Swift recommends Grizzelda’s House Margarita, or – for the risk-takers – the “Michelle Darnell” – a local-grown lavender-infused gin concoction.
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