April 30, 2018
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Designer & HGTV Star Genevieve Gorder Talks New Netflix Series & Favorite Four Hands Styles

Known for her inventive interior design on screen and off, Genevieve Gorder has a fondness for effortless style. While in Austin filming for a forthcoming series, the HGTV personality stopped by our headquarters' showroom to shop for new styles and gather fresh inspiration. Read on to hear about Genevieve's creative approach, and learn which of our latest designs caught her expert eye.

FOUR HANDS: You’re currently filming part of a forthcoming television series here in Austin. Since details are still under wraps, can you start with telling us why you chose to film in Austin?

GENEVIEVE GORDER: Austin has a consistently young population fueling its economy, which keeps design progressive. Stylistically, the city has a distinctively effortless swagger… it never feels forced.

FH: You’ve chosen several Four Hands products for the local project you’re currently designing. What about our aesthetic speaks to you?

GG: Four Hands pieces are timeless and enduring. If designs are too trendy, any space will look dated within six months. I also love the brand’s heavy use of brass, and how woods are used in ways that echo their roots… That alone carries an authenticity I don’t see often.

FH: Any favorite new Four Hands styles?

GG: The Jacob Swivel Chair. It’s so earthy and sexy! Velvets are everything right now, especially in deep tones like rust and olive. This chair is a timeless piece for any room. I’m also loving the Lucas Coffee Table and Beckwith Sofa.

Genevieve Gorder

Four Hands pieces are timeless and enduring.

Genevieve Gorder
Gorder with client

FH: What’s the first task you tackle when approaching a new project?

GG: That varies, and is specific to the needs of each client. I’m interested in the psychology of design, so I like to get to know who I’m working for first. There are so many facets of style, and it’s not boxed—it’s very personal.

FH: Any distinctively “Genevieve” touches you tend to incorporate into each project?

GG: I like to give something unexpected. Especially in television, there needs to be an element of surprise. I can’t design the same living 83 times, because it’s viewable to millions of people! Staying clever can be pressure-inducing, but it’s fun.

FH: What are three adjectives to describe your current aesthetic?

GG: It’s ever-changing, but right now I’d say “global,” “soulful” and “classic.”

FH: We can’t help but notice your astrological necklace! To which classically “Leo” character traits do you most relate?

GG: [Laughs.] We Leos can be bossy, but we’re so excited about everything. We’re generous, which is reflected in my design approach. I want to bring people joy.

FH: You’ve been known to work sans shoes. What’s the one item you absolutely couldn’t work without?

GG: I can’t work without a great team. My hands and eyes can only do so much. I’m a stickler when it comes to work, but a gal is only as good as her pack.

Gorder Interview in Showroom
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