Designer Details

Creating the 2017 Look Book

Last year, Dunn joined photographer, Casey Dunn, plus members of our Product Development and Brand teams, to strategize all aspects of our 2017 Look Book. Together, the team scouted set locations across Texas, narrowing the bunch to three stunning sites in and around our Austin headquarters. From a Taylor-set loft, small-town event space and local downtown piazza, each locale looked as striking as the styles it showcased. 

Each annual Look Book echoes the company’s current creative vision. “This year, we’re zeroing in on the aesthetic of warm minimalism,” says Dunn. “Adding rustic or tribal accents to clean lines and contemporary scaling imparts a found feel.” We aimed to present Four Hands products in a way that would kindle customers’ and designers’ inspiration to then personalize their own space.
It’s Four Hands’ innovate design juxtaposition which chiefly hooks the company’s creative lead. Dunn delights in paradoxes like the softening of masculine pieces with “welcoming, feminine touches.” The scenes in our new Look Book tell a minimalist-skewed design story, notes Dunn, but one rich with texture, meaning and quality. “Taking found-feeling, handicraft looks, and transforming them into elevated designs,” he says, “Is high art.”