Set the Mood
Clean Comfort

Long lauded as the month of love, February’s amorous reputation spurs a similar sense in our seasonal décor. Drawing from Danish culture and... More

First Look
Shaping Up at Vegas Winter Market

100 designs are ready for their Winter Market debut. Among them lies a clear theme: sleek, sculptural style, driven by a rich sense of purpose, and... More

First Look
Modern Naturals at Vegas Winter Market

The new styles slated for Winter Market debut exude light, naturally beautiful looks. With specialty hardware, inherent highlights and clever... More

Designer Details
Four Hands Product Development Team’s Top Styles of 2018

Functional features, fresh textures and novel material mixes readied hundreds of designs for their 2018 debut. See which styles topped each of our... More

Set the Mood
Chromatic Connection

Since 2000, the Pantone Color Institute has set the pace for trends in color. And 2019, says Pantone, will look to our naturally vivid ecosystem to... More

In Austin
Four Hands Creative Director Talks Velvet’s Timeless Beauty in Austin Home Winter Issue

Rich in textural depth, velvet has been long lauded for its innately opulent nature. Now, new technology allows for even more choices when it comes... More