Set the Mood
Gather Around

Book-ended by autumnal October and December cheer, November spurs a unique sense of gathering. While readying your home for familiar family and... More

First Look
Redefining Texture at High Point Market

Just as linear influences are bringing a mood of movement to our new styles, distinctive textures are adding depth; together, these... More

Set the Mood
Back in Black

Few trends compete with the staying power of black. Be it in fashion or design, the color carries chic sophistication with natural impact, plus the... More

First Look
Fine Lines at Fall Market

Angular lines and linear repetition are key influencers on our latest designs. Whether cross-hatching, bold framing, overlapped layers or open... More

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High Point Fall 2018 Market

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Set the Mood
In a New Light

Trained brains may always link September with school. With that memory of starting anew, of getting into new grooves. That strong sense of... More