First Look
Dining Details

This year’s dining trends are all about finish and functionality. Pulling more modern materials into traditional forms. Adding purposeful... More

First Look
Fresh Bedroom Finds

To create a modern retreat, the bedroom must blend style, comfort, and functionality. We’ve indulged our love of character woods with fresh... More

Set the Mood
Bohemian Spring

You just can’t stop spring from invading your space. Languid days full of light mean relaxation and growth — of flora, fauna, and... More

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Stand-Out Materials

We’ve always been driven by profound curiosity and love for creative experimentation. Unearthing new trends means creating pieces that have a... More

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High Point Market

At Four Hands, we are intrigued by the creative tension present in truly great design: the push of modern materials against the pull of traditional... More

First Look
The Theory Collection

Spanning design decades, the Theory collection is an eclectic inventory of found objects, reinvented. Designed with an antique dealer’s... More