First Look
Rich in Character

From initial inspiration to bona fide design, furniture adopts character via its distinctive journey. The looks we’re debuting at Summer... More

Set the Mood
The Outdoor Type

The heart of summer begs outdoor living, as July’s red-hot days call for languid lounging, desert-like landscapes and ice-cold cocktails... More

Up Next
Summer Markets 2017

We relish the notion that furniture can feel both found and trend-forward, while still being conducive to everyday living. Our latest designs aim... More

Set the Mood
Summer Spirit

Sandy shoes, beach waves and sun-dewed skin signal one thing: Summer is here. As June ushers longer days, golden hour stretches, offering more time... More

Designer Details
Leather Looks

With hundreds of new leather styles introduced at High Point’s spring Market – and loads more on the horizon – it’s been a... More

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The Art of Acrylic

From the pages of top style periodicals to Pinterest’s most popular images, acrylic frames rank among the industry’s most sought-after... More