Get the Look

Showroom Inspiration from High Point

A look that feels found, purposeful, and livable all at once takes careful — yet playful — attention to detail. From artwork to accents, and even wall treatments — get insider tips on our showroom looks from High Point this fall.


Layered looks …

Build an intriguing focal point for any space with stacked and layered artwork. Mix traditional portraits with everything from abstracts to animal imagery for an eclectic feel.

We played with a range of sizes and surfaces from wood to steel to paper. Maintaining a color theme, such as dramatic black and white ties it all together. 

Dramatic accents … 

From one grand feature to the drama of multiples, don’t be afraid to make a statement. We play with bold scale, elegant materials, and thoughtful repetition to create dynamic interest.

Go for tiered crystals, mirrors, and faceted or hand-blown glass. Mix in statement materials and finishes like solid brass, gold leaf, marbled ash, and antiqued concrete. 

Textural treatments … 

Don’t let walls limit your vision — learn to see them as a canvas and an opportunity. We like to add textural interest — and even introduce new wall panels to artfully re-shape a space.

Add beaded trim, acid-etched metal or antiqued mirror tiles. Try dividing a room with vintage windows or salvaged architectural elements to accent airy dimensions and eclectic style.