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Behind-the-Scenes of Look Book ’16

Our plan for this year? Same as the last—push boundaries and break rules. Great design can reinvent tradition, unearth trends, and furnish style — in a way that feels both personal and purposeful for modern living.
The idea that “modernity need not be at the expense of tradition,” has become our touchstone and rallying cry. Along with local photographer Casey Dunn, we lit out to scout locations to help us bring Look Book ’16 to life.

We promptly fell in love with two unique spaces: a modern home in the West Austin hills and an eclectic Fredericksburg antique shop. We simply had to figure out how to take them over for a week, shoot the whole book, and put them back together as if we’d never been there.
Dynamic contrasts inherent in these two beautiful settings allowed us to explore design’s purposeful paradox. Looking beyond individual elements, we pushed ourselves to re-examine the way each piece played up the environment and off of each other — all without worrying about the right way. 


The West Austin house offered a wealth of modern architectural elements to work with. The Fredericksburg space gave us gorgeous textured walls and gallons of natural light pouring into the windows. In each case, we created a welcoming, found, “collected-over-time” sensibility.
We believe that design is personal. Thoughtful juxtaposition, dynamic pairings, and purposefully unexpected arrangements are instantly modern and fresh. If we came away from the shoot with just one design rule to follow, we’d say, “Surprise yourself.”


We hope Look Book ’16 helps you find ways to express your style. Don’t be afraid to play with the elements and mix things up. To get started, explore the trends, shapes, and materials that inspire us, right now.