First Look

The Theory Collection

Spanning design decades, the Theory collection is an eclectic inventory of found objects, reinvented. Designed with an antique dealer’s trained eye then re-edited to mix into the modern day home, Theory doesn't conform to rules or insist that one style is superior to others.

Perhaps it’s more aptly described as the anti-collection. Unexpected pairings that teeter on the edge of rule-breaking find balance in traditional forms, clever details, and sophisticated materials. Each piece looks as if it could have been inherited, and brings an artful, curatorial style to any space.

The collaboration was created to push the design envelope with a blend of expertise from Van Thiel & Co. and Four Hands. With attention to form and detail, simple materials, and modern aesthetics, the collection transcends decades and continents. The result is a wealth of classic designs reinterpreted with a vital new twist. These are the new modern classics.